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Synchronous binder / gravel spreading
Enduits superficiels d'usure
Synchronous spreading consists in applying simultaneously, by one and the same machine, a layer of binder and a layer of chippings.
Binder Spreading
Spread at a fairly large dosage, the binder is used in 2 application contexts: Surface Dressings and impregnation layers
Chips Spreader
Enrobés à chaud
Chipping is used in 2 application contexts: Surface Dressing and impregnation layers
In both cases, the application consists of spreading one or more layers of bituminous binders (bitumen emulsions or hot bitumens), each followed by a layer of chippings.
Cold Mix Materials
Cold Mix Materials consist of a mixture of aggregates, bitumen emulsion, feed water and rupture regulators produced by a mobile machine (also carrying out the transport of materials)
The mixture thus produced in liquid form is placed in an application table, towed by the production machine, allowing it to be distributed over the roadway in the form of a surface coating.
Crack sealing
Fissure Unique
Crack sealing consists in superficially covering a crack.
Emulsion sprayer
Emulsion sprayer
Tack coat
The tack coat spread between 2 coats (mostly asphalt or gravel-emulsion), ensures that each coat does not deform into a "monolithic" set. It also helps prevent slippage between layers, which could cause tearing.
Finally, a tack coat can allow better sealing of the surface, or better bonding on supports having a high macrotexture.
Small width asphalt application
There are many small-width applications: building sidewalks, private yards, but also closing trenches or patching
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