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SERVIROUTE is a multi-function sprayer that perfectly fits into a bitumen spreader team and makes it possible to optimise machine profitability. Of course the SERVIROUTE lays the tack coat, but it can also be fitted with other equipment on demand.

Traditional function:

- 3,000 to 6,000 litres of binder depending on the options and the selected carrier

- Manual or telescopic extension spreader bar

- Automatically regulated burner.

Minimum wheel base:

- The tanks are imbricated to reduce vehicle length

- Optional equipment

- A grab for work site waste collection, miscellaneous equipment, finisher extensions.

- A loading crane or jib.

- A sweeper fitted with a watering bar positioned inside the vehicle wheelbase or on a hydraulic plate at the front can be used to clean the substrate before the tack coat is applied.

- An automatic lengthways joint processing system with an air nozzle for simultaneous cleaning, binder spreading and chip spreading.

- The pneumatic and hydraulic outputs are used to power the tools (pneumatic drills, cleaning gun, etc.)

- Spreading quality compliant with surface dressing standards.

- The SERVIROUTE also has dosing automation and a sprayer system suitable for tack coats but also for wear surface dressing. A simple nozzle change makes it all-purpose for both types of activity.

Spreading width

Bar type

Binder capacity


3,20 to 5,00 m

Pneumatic witch clips or telescopic

3 000 to 12 000 L

Direct heating or simplified thermo-fluid


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