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The addition of cut glass fibre to a layer of emulsion is used to strengthen the surfaces and thereby extend the road’s service life. This technology is used to treat and prevent cracking.
The FIBERSEALERS can cut the glass fibre in place using dosage accurate to 5 g/m² at a speed of 4 km/h. The transverse spread of the fibres is also guaranteed so that the surfaces are treated evenly. This recognised technique is obviously applicable to the carriageway in the framework of road maintenance using surface dressing. It is also applicable in the case of tack-coat layers before using hot-mix asphalt (SAMI).




- The FIBERSEALER simultaneously spreads the glass fibre between two layers of emulsion.

- The binder and glass fibre dosage is very precisely regulated by computer.

- The length of the spread glass fibre can be modified depending on the number of blades on each cutter.

- Several models are available depending on the required capacity and working width.

- Jet and cutter spacing: 100 mm.

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