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Hot mix binders are still highly used for wear surface dressing operations. The type and composition of these binders as well as of certain modified emulsions encouraged SECMAIR to develop a new spreader. The EDENSPRAYER offers all the latest innovations, both from a spreading quality standpoint and from a health, safety, ergonomic and consumption reduction standpoint.

Functional specifications:

- A flow regulation system is used to adjust the pressure in the bar depending on the product’s viscosity.

- An oil or water bar heating system to keep the binder circuit at the ideal temperature.

- The bar is supplied at 6 points, thereby improving the transverse variation coefficient.

- 100% stainless steel bar

- The bar guarantees triple coating (100 mm spacing)

- MULTISPRAY bar with a double row of jets to limit groove effects

Sustainable development:

- The insulation of the tank and all the parts in contact with the binder are designed to eliminate all thermal bridges (100% of the binder circuit is heated).

- The thermo-fluid heating circuit exchange surface area is 2 times larger than other spreaders on the market.

- The choice of the hydraulic circuit components has made it possible to reduce carrier consumption.

Industrial specifications:

- Twist-lock attachments for easy removal

- All vulnerable parts are under covers to limit vandalism.

- Significant stowage capacity.

- Maximum protection to limit binder sprays.

Spreading width Type of spreading Binder capacity Heating
5,00 m and 6,20 m Télescopic 7000 to 16000 L
Direct heating or thermo-fluid
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