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Mono 500 AFU TK - Mono 500 AFU et Mono 500 FU

Mono 500

The MONO 500 melters are machines designed to melt and prepare mastics used to treat sealing joints and cracks in roads. The machine is also used to apply mastic to the substrate to be treated. These machines are available in two versions, either mobile (AFU) or skid-mounted (FU).


Specific models:

The MONO 500 AFU Kompressor model makes the melter completely stand-alone to carry out the 3 crack overbanding operations (crack cleaning, pouring, sanding) using a single machine (reduced noise and gas pollution...).


It has:

- a mastic melting tank and its pouring system

- a self-propelled drive for stand-alone movement

- a compressor unit to supply the heat lance and the sanding lance.

Joint spreading

Spreading type

Type of chassis

Binder capacity


Mono 500 AFU/FU Lance  Trailer and skid 90/500/800 litres thermo-fluid heating
Mono 500 AFU/FU Kompressor


trailer and skid

500 litres

thermo-fluid heating

  • MONO 500
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