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THE BOX - Low Emission Sprayer


In a time when everyone’s fast-changing habits and practices reflect global concerns for the environment, ecology and thirst for alternative solutions, SECMAIR, leader in road maintenance, takes a radical shift with confidence and adds to its range an equipment with very low CO2 emissions.

Let us introduce it:
Its name is “THE BOX”. To get to the point, it is a low CO2 emissions sprayer, the machine is fully electrified and thermal optimized. The aim is no other than a machine environmental-friendly, and efficient in its primary function: spraying tack coat and prime coat.
« THE BOX » has two main feature characters.
The first relates to reinforced insulation and suppression of thermal bridges, in order to reduce energy consumption.
This results in thermal optimization and concerns the emulsion tank as well as the associated circuit. Thanks to some innovative heating means, the efficiency now rises to 95% instead of the usual 70%. Its «submerged» emulsion circuit offers lossless tank circulation and facilitates start-ups. Free of any hydraulic action, maintenance needs are reduced and exposure to leaks are annihilated, neutralizing environmental risks linked to hydraulic oils. No power is collected from the truck, increasing thus the energy efficiency.
The second consists in the machine’s electrification. It impacts every part involved of the spraying process such as the emulsion pump, spraybar height adjustment, as well as the control of its extensions. Electrification allows more precise management of emulsion application rate, hence significantly reducing potential waste, while optimizing work quality on jobsites.
Two versions of « THE BOX » are available:
• A 100% electric version
• A version with natural gas for a more powerful instant heating system

« THE BOX » is then an efficient and respectful solution. Fully independent from the truck, it can be shippedin a 20” container in order to be mounted on a local truck wherever in the world. In France and Europe, mounting shall be performed directly in SECMAIR’s facilities.
Well thought out, compatible and adaptable, THE BOX is an electric sprayer with very low CO2 emissions that will stand out among the major players of the road construction industry. Viewable and available at the BAUMA 2022, this solution launches the «Low Emission» range of the SECMAIR product portfolio.

Key figures:
• Emulsion tank 4,000 / 6,000 / 8,000 L
• Telescopic spray bar 46 nozzles 100 mm interval
• Working width: 4.60 m
• Width/height/length: compatible with a 20” container

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