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"Personal" line - "Essential" line - "Compact" line - "Add-on" line


"Personal" line

Our «Personal» line symbolizes our commitment to designing customized equipment to meet our customers exact needs. Technologically advanced, it allows us to offer the highest level of performance and versatility to our customers, as well as our latest innovations.

"Essentiel" line

Our «Essential» line allows us to provide you with simple equipment, both in terms of configuration and use, which enables us to optimize costs and lead times. Most of them can also be easily shipped by container or by flatbed, for local assembly with the support of our network.

"Compact" line

Our «Compact» line offers our customers turnkey solutions for small autonomous equipment. It can be provided in the form of modules to be installed, trailers or self-propelled chassis. Those equipments are very easy to use.

"Add-on" line

Our «Add-on» line consists of removable accessories that must be associated with a piece of equipment in order to fulfill their function. The expertise of our network allows us to verify the compatibility of the accessories with the equipment, which is necessary to guarantee optimal operation.
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